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Solaris Masternode Activation Guide

Please follow the instructions below. If you have any issues whatsoever, please contact or join our Telegram group.


Generate masternode private key Generate collateral txid / index Start Masternode
masternode genkey masternode outputs startmasternode alias false YOUR_MN_ALIAS

1. Collect information

Collect the following information:

1. IP Address Retrieve this from the 'My Nodes' page or on your subscription page on
2. Masternode Private Key This is the masternode private key you entered when ordering your masternode, the result of 'masternode genkey'. This is a long string that looks similar to 5J55yHcyTiqq81WEzvHi7SKN37ZhqhZWUbog7NRzNkmQuVMd2Z4.
3. Collateral tx id This is the long string of characters of the output from the 'masternode outputs' command.
4. Collateral tx index This is either 0, 1 or 2. This is retrieved from the second part of the 'masternode outputs' command.

2. Edit masternode.conf file

Open the masternode configuration file. Open this file by going to Tools > Open Masternode Configuration File in your wallet, or find it here:

Windows %appdata%\solaris\masternode.conf
Mac OSX ~/Library/Application Support/solaris/masternode.conf
Linux ~/.solaris/masternode.conf
And add the information collected at 1. into one new line, which has the following format:

3. Reboot wallet

Make sure to reboot your wallet, so the masternodes tab appears.

4. Start masternode

Go to Tools > Debug Console, and type in:

startmasternode alias false YOUR_MN_ALIAS

Please replace YOUR_MN_ALIAS with the masternode alias that you entered in your masternode.conf (the first word of the line in masternode.conf).

5. Check status

After a few minutes, your masternode status should be 'active' on your subscription page, and your wallet should say ENABLED on the masternodes tab.

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