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1. Set up your funds

  1. Send exactly 42 ZEN

2. Order your nodes

  1. Order ZenCash Secure Node

3. Fund your secure node

  1. Send 0.16 ZEN to your node's t-address

4. Sit back & relax

ZenCash Secure Node Setup Guide

1. Set up your funds

Send exactly 42 ZEN to an address that you control
You can use a webwallet like or any other local wallet.

Collect 42 ZEN

2. Order your nodes

Please use your address with 42 ZEN when ordering a node.

Order Your Nodes

3. Fund your secure node

Your Secure Node will need some funds to complete the security challenges that happen over time. Please send exactly 0.16 ZEN to the t-address of your node. You can find this at your nodes or subscription page.

Fund Your Node

4. Sit Back & Relax

Your node will now sync and divide the 0.16 ZEN into 4 transactions of 0.04 ZEN to a z-address. This is required for the setup of your Secure Node. Please note that syncing can take up to 24h! Please be patient. Once your node is activated you will be notified per email!

Fund Your Node
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