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Enter the #NodeSupply Meme Contest!

Dear NodeSupply customer,

The summer is passing and NodeSupply is growing harder than ever before. Behind the scenes, our team is working hard to improve the stability, security and usability of our platform. Soon, we will release new features, add new masternode projects and a new support platform.

To celebrate our growth, we are giving away a full year of free hosting, worth $72! Crypto memes are always good fun, so we decided to host a #NodeSupply Meme Contest!

The Rules

  1. Create a meme that finishes the sentence "NodeSupply makes masternode setup as easy as..."
  2. Tweet your meme with the hashtag #NodeSupply
  3. The contest runs until September 30, 2018
  4. On the same date, we will pick a top 5 on which you can vote on!
  5. The meme with the most votes wins a year of free hosting for a CRW systemnode/masternode, SmartCash SmartNode or any other masternode of choice that NodeSupply supports!

So, what are you waiting for? Get out your meme generator and tag #NodeSupply.
Release the memes!

Kind regards,
Inigo - founder

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